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Surgical Instrument Tracking Systems

Gallay Trac's Surgical Instrument Tracking and Management System combines the latest scanning technology and application software for proper CSSD management.  Providing a comprehensive surgical instrument management solution, GallayTrac by Censis allows you full control of your surgical inventory.



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GallayTrac is the exclusive distributor in Australia of the Censis® Technologies, Inc Medical Instrument Tracking and Management software.


A Comprehensive Surgical Inventory Management Solution




GallayTrac surgical instruments tracking and management system allows you to streamline the CSSD workflow with full visibility for the theatre.

The scheduler interface allows the team to easily prioritise which set of surgical instruments require reprocessing first as a priority for theatre.

It also allows the team to quickly and easily identify unreturned instruments or surgical trays and provides them with direct access to a specific facility, tray and instrument cleaning instructions (IFU's via OneSource, sold separately).

The loaner management system allows the team to check in an instrument container with pictures to help verify the entire container has been received.  Via the system the CSSD technician can also link the loaner set to specific surgical case.


Tray Assembly

The Tray Tracking process allows the CSSD technicians to access asset images, identify approved substitutes and receive alerts if surgical instrument trays are missing or not holding the correct surgical instruments.

The integration with OneSource (IFU’s database – sold separately) assist CSSD technicians to easily keep up to date on how to handle and reprocess an asset in your inventory.

The surgical instrument tracking & management system smarts alerts you when your assets require maintenance, based on use rather than unnecessary costly attention.



Each hospital will have thousands of surgical instruments/assets with multiple ways to process/sterilize them.  GallayTrac’s surgical instrument tracking solution ensures you have more than just paperless records to manage the cycle of reprocessing surgical instruments in your hospital.

GallayTrac with competency verification logic allows managers the ability to give technicians access to only certain work, meeting the right competency requirements with the right task, protecting your department from possible errors in workflow duties.

The system also allows managers to set up alerts, instructions or training advice for certain trays, providing technicians with visual and audible messages as they use the electronic tracking and monitoring system to process instruments.


Cart Assembly

When it comes to preparing a case or assets for storage, GallayTrac helps you to create cases not only via specific picklists but also prioritises the cases based on surgery schedules, helping you to streamline the process.

The surgical instrument inventory management system reduces the time to manage case assembly and build, by up to as much as 30%.  The system keeps CSSD and theatre staff informed throughout the reprocessing loop, allowing all to know what status and location the surgical assets are at.

With GallayTrac surgical instrument tracking & management system you can rest assured that only properly decontaminated, assembled and sterilized instruments reach theatre.  When the technician scans the item, if a step has been missed or an item is recalled, an added safety alert notifies the CSSD technician.

Helping you to also manage your storage efficiently, GallayTrac keeps a trace of when you assets enter storage and how long they have been stored, taking the guess work out of where the assets are located.


Operating Theatre

GallayTrac improves theatre efficiency and start times with complete transparency through the surgical instrument electronic tracking & management system to CSSD, allowing them to avoid delays in start times with real-time visibility to case/tray status.  The colour coded system, prioritises upcoming cases and the system then allocates already processed assets to the earlier theatre cases, leaving dirty assets to later cases.

The system allows you to link each instrument to each tray, allowing the hospital to track instruments all the way through to the patient, case and tray.

Use GallayTrac surgical instrument tracking and management system to facilitate open, healthy communication and feedback between theatre and CSSD!