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Soluscope Sprint Pass Through Reprocessor

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Dirty and clean separation of endoscope reprocessing areas is now a globally recognised “best practice” for automatic endoscope reprocessing (AER).  This solution reduces the risk of cross contamination helping the fight for greater infection control and ensures safe, clean, ready scopes for the next procedure.

The Soluscope Sprint PT pass through automatic endoscope reprocessor has been designed with high-level hygiene practices at front of mind, to offer day hospitals and theatres the best time-effective cycles which are compatible with all leading market brands and models in flexible endoscopes.

Soluscope Sprint PT reinvents the Pass Through experience in Endoscope Reprocessing


Workflow Optimisation for Endoscope Disinfection

The endoscope disinfection solution by Sprint PT provides a unique system during maintenance, as there is no breakage of the physical barrier between dirty and clean rooms, therefore preserving the infection control barrier.  All maintenance on the machine is carried out from the side of the unit which allows the physical barrier to stay in place between the two rooms.

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All other general maintenance, including filters and chemical replacements are easily accessible from the reprocessing side of the machine.

Dedicated connectors that stay with the endoscope throughout reprocessing, drying and storage along with the automatic pass-through drawer, provides minimal handling of the endoscope, delivering a fully disinfected or sterilized scope.


Cost efficient operation with proven and tested chemistry

Soluscopes range of high performing chemistry is proven and tested to achieve the best results from your Soluscope AER’s and is compatible with all brands of endoscopes.