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Soluscope ENT Reprocessor

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The Soluscope ENT is the first endoscope reprocessor designed especially for ENT.                                        Now, the complete automatic reprocessing of flexible ENT endoscopes is possible with a dedicated machine: the Soluscope ENT, providing a  ready-to-use endoscope within only 14 min. No more unsatisfactory procedures; operators obtain the benefit of a fully automatic process freeing the user of wasted manual labour. Provides doctors with a ready to use Endoscope within only 14 minutes

Operating Comfort

No more daily handling of chemicals, no fumes thanks to the self inflating lid seal. Its loading height is ideal for all operators and it is silent  with less than 40dB.  Free standing, the Soluscope ENT is only 36cm wide allowing it to fit in the smallest space. Disinfection using Peracetic Acid (PAA) and Water filtration built in; alarms when filters need replacing. Operator comfort due to no daily chemical handling, low noise level and no exposure to harmful fumes thanks to the hermetically sealed lid

The Perfect Fit

The Soluscope ENT has been purposely designed for ENT scopes. This ensures a perfect fir for your instrument, optimized design features low chemical consumption resulting in low running costs. Full compliance with ISO 15883-4. Automated leak testing ensures your endoscopes are constantly protected.