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Soluscope (AER) Filters

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Soluscope Filters for (AER) Automated Endoscope Reprocessors

Gallay provides a range of Soluscope filters for both automated endoscope reprocessors Soluscope Sprint and Soluscope Series 3 as required for replacement & increase the final filter lifespan.

  • 0.2 μm Soluscope Water Filter (SL-V3-WATER) - Soluscope 0.2μm Water Filter assuring the supply of bacteriologically pure water to the (AER) machines.
  • 0.2 μm Soluscope Air Filter (SL-V3-AIR) - Soluscope Air Filter designed for drying of endoscopes, ensuring supply of bacteriological pure air.

Soluscope Water Prefilters 20" length

  • Soluscope 0.5 μm filters (SF-10) - First stage prefilter providing filtration up to 0.5 μ
  • Soluscope 0.4 μm filters (SF-21) - Second stage prefilter providing filtration up to 0.4 μm
  • Soluscope 0.1 μm filters (SF-22) - Third stage prefilter providing filtration of 0.1 μm