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ScopeTrac Endoscope Tracking and Management System

ScopeTrac is a specialised endoscope tracking and management system, allowing those working within Endoscopy and Day Procedure Units to electronically track and record the processes around scope reprocessing.

From recording leak test and HLD load results during reprocessing in the clean room, through to tracking storage time/dates in the clean room and linking scopes to patients in theatre, ScopeTrac manages the whole process.

ScopeTrac is an additional offering within the GallayTrac surgical instrument tracking and management system, brought to you by Censis.


Provides quick access to IFU’s (via OneSource database - sold separately) and reprocessing of scopes.

Clean Room

Captures data for leak test and disinfection process.

Clean Storage

Updates location status along with storage times and keeps track of loaner scopes.

Procedure Rooms

Links specific scopes to patients for quick and easy traceability.