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Reverse Osmosis Water Systems

Gallay is proud to provide Axeon (USA) & Suez range of Reverse Osmosis Water Systems to our CSSD & Lab customers throughout Australia & New Zealand. There have been changes to the standards that are driving the necessity for higher quality water inputs into CSSD equipment, designed to improve the reprocessing of instruments. The specific Standards referenced are AS/NZ4187 (2014), EN285 and EN15883 which detail the water quality limits recommended. The main focus is the reduction in endotoxins and the microbiological requirements.

Within CSSD, Washer Disinfectors can use Reverse Osmosis water in the disinfection stage. As per table 7.2 (from AS/NZS 4187:2014), the requirement for the washer conductivity is to be less than 30 µs/cm. Sterilisers use RO water in steam generation. The governing standard for steam quality is EN 285, which states that the steam is to have a conductivity of <5µs/cm and condensate needs to be <3µscm. To learn more about water for disinfection in AS4187, click here.

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Suez Water Water Purification Systems

Suez laboratory water purification systems offer a solution to various laboratory specialisations. Suez water purification technology utilises reverse osmosis, deionisation, UV, & ultrafiltration resulting in water purity meeting BS EN ISO 3696. The Select range is available in six compact models, varying in water quality supplied to a maximum purity of 18.2 M Ω.cm. 

Common features of all Select systems include:

  • RO removing >98% minerals & >99% bacteria
  • Production rates of up to 48 litres/hour
  • Incorporating carbon pre-treatment, RO & deionisation in the process flow
  • LCD colour touch screen panel
  • Visual & audible alarms 
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for software updates & maintenance assistance.
  • Additional external storage tanks of up to 100 litres

The Integra range is suitable for laboratories requiring larger amounts of daily volumes of purified water, producing up to 600 litres/hour


FLEXEON Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Systems are designed and manufactured for commercial and light industrial applications. These systems have been engineered for capacities ranging from 500 – 20,000 gallons per day and for municipal and well water supplies.


Benefits of Axeon Reverse Osmosis Systems

Fully Equipped, Customizable & Ecological Factory Tested & Preserved
Expandable & Lightweight Design Integrated Pre-Filtration
Compact Space Saving Design Low Operation Costs
Components Easily Accessible Low Maintenance Costs
Pre-Plumbed, Wired & Assembled - Turn Key AXEON Components
Easy Maintenance & Servicing CE Compliant
Lightweight & Non-Corrosive Aluminium Frame Numerous Options & Upgrades


FLEXEON RO Water Systems come pre-assembled, are fully tested, preserved and sanitized and only require simple utility connections once on site. Systems come ready for immediate on-line service, minimal set up and little adjustment. The simple, high quality and proven design of FLEXEON RO Water Systems have made these systems become known as uncomplicated, cost effective and reliable water purification systems.