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Modular System - Combining the Best of Two Worlds

The new Belimed BST steriliser boasts an innovative modular system allowing for the ultimate customisation for your application. This modular platforms allows for your specific requirements to be met, making it more flexible than ever. This pharmaceutical steriliser consists of a well-stocked line of components, providing the opportunity to be expanded to include individual solutions to this autoclave.

Sterilization requirements vary and the flexibility of these heterogeneous demands is vital, hence process parameters such as pressure, temperature and time can all be individually adjusted for optimal use in your application.

User Friendly Interface with Intuitive Operation

Equipped with intuitive touchscreen technology, the BST also provides a high performance user interface. The user is provided with a quick overview of all processes and process parameters at any given time for their convenience on a large colour monitor. A visual colour-based indicator system also informs the user of the systems current program status using different colours. This ensures smooth operation of the device in a way that is especially clear, understandable and fast

A Variety of High Performance Processes 

The BST range is suitable for sterilizing solid and porous products, as well as items with challenging air removal properties. This range of pharmaceutical sterilisers provides users with peace of mind. With self-contained measuring and control circuits to guide and monitor the every sterilization cycle, it is ensured that all the performance parameters set are automatically adhered to. 

Energy Efficient Operation with Low Cycle Times

Shorter cycle times provided also ensure greater availability of the product being sterilised. The innovative airflow in this GMP autoclave makes it possible to combine high process quality with short cycle times.High performance processes such as products being both cooled and dried at the same time with sterile pressurized air ensures shorter cycle times and your products being immediately ready for use after each cycle.