Pesticide Storage Cabinets

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The Safe Storage of Pesticides

PBA introduces a range of cabinets designed for the safe storage of pesticides. With a green powder paint finish, the storage cabinet provides an innovative solution for the handling of dangerous goods. A safety shower and eye wash must be installed where the packages are opened. The Pesticide Storage cabinet complies with latest Australian Standards to ensure safe and proper protocol when in use. The sump capacity is compliant to these standards. 

Protect yourself from Hazardous Material

PBA Pesticide Storage cabinets segregate liquids stored at any workplace. The cabinets are supplied with metal and polyethylene trays, adjustable on 3" (77mm) centers, for accidental spillage during the transfer of pesticides. This ensures that dissimilar pesticides do not contiminate each other, and the accidental use of wrong chemicals is prevented. PBA Pesticide Storage cabinets are specifically designed to house these types of chemicals through features including a sturdy, double-wall, 18-gauge steel construction with 1 1/2" of air space and dual flame-arresting vents.

Available in a range of sizes to meet your needs

The Safety Storage Cabinet range comes in four different sizes, ranging from 100 litres to 250 litres storage. The amount of shelves and doors vary based on these four models. PBA guarentees the secure storage of pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers, flammables and other turf chemicals that may cause danger within a workplace environment if not stored.