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Medical Steam Sterilizers

Why trust Gallay with your next Medical Steam Sterilizer?

With hundreds of steam sterilizers supplied nationally, Gallay has extensive expertise in the design, construction and installation of sterilizers. Whether you’re looking for a bench top dental autoclave or a pass-through sterilizer, Gallay has the range and expertise to find the perfect solution for you.

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High quality service for your Dental Autoclave

Gallay specializes in the design, installation & commissioning of large scale medical sterilizers. Our projects team will work with you to custom design a central sterile supply solution based on your exact requirements.  Once an order is received, our Project Manager will liaise with the Project Planning Group at Belimed in Switzerland. Belimed has over 15,000 installations worldwide with an annual throughput of more than 100 million instrument baskets. The Belimed Project Planning Group is staffed by architects, hospital engineers and equipment planners with 3D and CAD/BIM layout expertise.


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