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Laboratory Autoclaves

Why choose Gallay for your next Laboratory Autoclave?

Scientific Autoclaves are a common feature of modern laboratories and Gallay supplies a leading range from some of Europe’s best manufacturers. From a basic benchtop laboratory steam sterilizer to a top of the line pass-through decontamination sterilizer, we’ve got a model to suit your needs.

The Modern-day Laboratory Steam Sterilizer

Our modern range of laboratory autoclaves are some of the most resource efficient available today. They are designed to minimize the use of excess water and electricity without compromising the effective sterilization of your loads. Where required, Gallay also offers a full IQ/OQ/PQ qualification & documentation service on top of our standard autoclave user training program.

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How to choose a Laboratory Autoclave: 


What will you be sterilising? 

It is important for us to get a good understanding of what you will be sterilising so that we can ensure your laboratory steam steriliser is configured correctly to perform the duties that you require of it. Some of the more important things to consider are: 

  • Will you be sterilising liquids? If so, what volume and in open or closed vessels?
  • Will you be sterilising porous loads, e.g. clothing or waste goods?
  • Do you require items to come out of the steriliser dry – e.g clothing or instruments?
  • Are you sterilising, decontaminating, or both?
  • Are there any containment or regulatory requirements to consider (BSL/QC/PC2, 3, 4) 



What volumes will you be sterilising?

Gallay’s range encompasses a variety of laboratory steam sterilizers to ensure we can offer the right solution to you. From small benchtop autoclaves such as the Rodwell Phoenix & Euronda models to large capacity autoclaves such as the Belimed LST-V and LST-H models, we have an autoclave to meet your specifications, and will work with you to ensure the right autoclave is chosen for your applications.

What services do you have available?

It is important to consider the services that a steam steriliser may require. Smaller autoclaves can be ‘plug and play’, with only the need to top up with water to generate steam. Larger steam sterilizers will need dedicated steam generators, compressed air, cooling water, as well as a copper or thermoplastic drain. We will discuss all this with you as we go through your equipment requirements.

What does your budget allow?

Our experienced staff will work with you to provide the best value for money solution. To find out how competitively priced our autoclaves are, you can easily submit an online request for any laboratory autoclave price by clicking the ‘+Quote Cart’ on any of the models below.