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Chemical Safety Storage Cabinets

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Built to Australian Standards

The Flammable Safety Storage Cabinets are fire tested to comply with the FM Rating, something no other cabinet sold in Australia can claim. They not only comply, but exceed Australian Standard AS 1940. They help companies by providing products near to the workplace, thus avoiding the time consuming and often risky practice of collecting from an outside storage facility.

For a wide range of substances

The chemical safety storage cabinets are available for storage of flammable, corrosive, organic peroxide, oxidizing agent, pesticide and other toxic substances. All cabinets are supplied complete with signage and are built to Australian Standards.

Storing all dangerous materials in a safe manner

Flammable Safety Storage Cabinets provide a safe, close-by, secure and time-saving method for storing all types of dangerous materials whilst helping to maintain good housekeeping practices.
The Flammable Safety Storage Cabinet range includes Industrial Safety Can Storage, Drum Safety Storage and Compact Safety Can Storage.