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EndoSelect Disposable Endoscope Valves

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Prevent cross contamination with Disposable Endoscope Buttons

EndoSelect's NEW range of Disposable Endoscope Valves offer an easy to use option without wasting value time brushing, cleaning reprocessing and drying your valves.  Disposable options also assist towards infection control.  With easy to open and minimal packaging, the sets include all buttons and valves needed for procedure and cleaning and the 2 x traceability stickers on the packet provide you with traceability for your producedure paperwork.

Everything you need

EndoSelect disposable endoscope buttons are reliable, and provide smooth operation via our intuitive depress button action.  Effective sealing on the biopsy cap safeguards your patient and users during procedure.


Product Quantity/Pack Re-order Code
2 Pack Air/Water and Suction Valve  50 E-SBO-1800 Click Here
3 Pack Air/Water, Suction & Biopsy Valve 25 E-SBO-1802 Click Here
4 Pack Air/Water, Suction, Biopsy & Cleaning Valve  25 E-SBO-1803 Click Here
5 Pack Air/Water, Suction, Biopsy, Cleaning Valves & Water Jet Adaptor 25 E-SBO-1805 Click Here