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IT Soluscope power in your hands

Soluscope introduces the new ITS BOX.
Compact and efficient, it allows networking up to 9 devices and taking all advantages of IT Soluscope 2.0. ITS BOX is an ideal tool for small installations, private practices and clinics.

The new version 2.0 is compatible with the latest products proposed by Soluscope: Serie ENT and Serie TEE

Soluscope IT Complimentary with any Soluscope Sprint purchase

Soluscope IT is now included free-of-charge with any Soluscope Sprint purchase!  For more information about this deal click here.

An Endoscope Tracking System for your Hospital or Day Surgery

Soluscope presents an IT system that is connected to the hospital network and retrieves all endoscope reprocessing data as soon as it is available. The system is easily installable, available in a serve and panel PC or software platform, dependent on your current infrastructure. Medical staff are quickly notified of important information, with quick and efficient access to the Endoscopy tracking system interface.

Improved Traceability and Supervision

The Endoscope Tracking System allows medical staff to see the real-time status of your equipment, if a certain cycle has finished, and where your scopes are stored.  Soluscope IT also tracks the installation date of your consumables, and informs staff when the use-by-date is approaching.  This enables the organisation to optimize procurement logistics. 

Full Archiving Process

Soluscope IT is a secured database which archives all information relating to equipment and endoscope use. Say goodbye to printed tickets that become overstocked in your cabinets, and enjoy a fully integrated network system that saves all traceability data. Users can easily edit and print from your desk, or export results in an electronic format- making archiving both easy and fast. The Endoscope Tracking System features a multi-criteria search tool, whereby a complete history of endoscopy use, including reprocessing and doctors associated with the given task, is accessible.