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Options For The Steri-Trac Chemical Air Monitoring System

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Gallay Medical and Scientific offer a wide variety of options for your Ster-Trac Chemical Air Monitoring system.

Remote Sensor Monitor

  • Used in-conjunction with the Steri-Trac area monitor, when vapour detection is  remote from the area monitor
  • May be used with intrinsically safe applications
  • Hard wired to the area monitor

Remote Display Repeater

This is an additional display unit for the Steri-Trac area monitor

  • Unit duplicates the information that is displayed on the area monitor, including audible and visual alarms
  • Usually wall mounted outside of monitored areas
  • Suited for use outside a monitored area to warn of vapour levels before entering a zone
  • Each area monitor can support up to 3 remote display repeaters

Central Monitoring

The ChemDAQ DAQ® central monitoring system lets you handle your data in four ways:

  • Collect and gather data measured by the Steri-Trac area monitor
  • Analyse the data
  • Report on the data
  • Easily display the data for analysis

The system provides an easy to operate management platform for all of the chemicals your Steri-Trac systems are monitoring.

  • Track exposure data all-at-once, from up to 32 Steri-Trac® Area Monitors
  • Easy to use touch screen interface

Using ChemDAQ® “GARD” Technology, the system is robust and rich with adaptable features such as :-

  • Analysis of TWA’s (time weight averages) and other governing limits
  • Automated data storage and backup to meet regulatory record keeping requirements


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