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Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) Chemical Air Monitoring

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Sterile processing technicians, food and beverage workers and other industrial sectors use hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)  in concentrated doses in sterilisation equipment during daily processes.  There can be health risks associated with hydrogen peroxide and the fact it has no odour at low concentrations, means it can be difficult to detect if staff are being exposed to the chemical.

Protect your Workers and your Business

Exposure can occur from equipment malfunction, poor room ventilation, accidents or spills to name a few.

Versatile and Provides a Safe Environment

Gallay now has a solution for this: The Steri-Trac® H2O2 Area Monitor. It allows you to focus on your day to day priorities; knowing the air around your environment is monitored, providing safe surroundings for yourself, your staff and your customers.

Continuous and Real-Time

Simply mount the Steri-Trac H2O2 Area Monitor unit in the vicinity of equipment that uses hydrogen peroxide and the Steri-Trac® continuous, real-time chemical air monitoring system will measure the environments vapour concentrations in PPM (parts per million), offering precise and dependable detection below workplace exposure limits*.

Monitor Detection Options

The Steri-Trac chemical air monitoring system is available for use in 3 options:-

  1. A wall mountable unit to place in the area where chemical vapours may be present
  2. A separate monitor allowing instant detection at a particular area
  3. Either of the above units, along with a remote display, can be placed outside of monitored areas to alert warning of gas levels prior to room entry


Steri-Trac Area Monitor   Steri-Trac Area Monitor


Ongoing Support

The system offers easy installation, by simply wall mounting or placing the unit in the room where chemical exposure is high.

Maintenance and calibration are all taken care of with a convenient sensor exchange program.  Three times a year, Gallay will ship to you a fully calibrated replacement sensor.  Simply remove the old sensor and replace with the new one, providing ongoing protection and accurate system performance.


*Reference: Safe Work Australia; Workplace Exposure Standards for Airborne Contaminants, Date of Effect: 18 April 2013.

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