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CensisTrac Surgical Instrument Tracking and Management System

CensiTrac was the first surgical instrument tracking system in the industry, capable of tracking to the instrument level.  The system combines scanning technology along with application software to create a solution for healthcare facilities to increase patient safety, improve operating theatre efficiency and improve CSSD management of high value surgical instruments.

The software integrates seamlessly with existing site processes and allows GallayTrac to deliver software enhancements without burdening the staff and facility with the need to purchase and install updated software versions.

CensiTrac surigal instrument tracking and management system is brought to you by GallayTrac.


Prioritise instrument set reprocessing through a seamless theatre scheduler interface.

Tray Assembly

Improves accuracy and efficiency by providing users immediate on-screen access to key details.


Seamless electronic data capture, encouraging a paperless department and assists with AS/NZS 4187:2004 standards compliance.

Case Cart Assembly

Eliminates time wasted searching for assets through unique inventory management capabilities.

Operating Room

Enhances theatre efficiency, start times and theatre staff visibility to case/tray status.